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Welcome to Aromaticity 2018!

The meaning of the term aromatic changes over time but it is still used in all areas of chemistry to define systems with similar behavior as benzene. As a concept, aromaticity is not directly accessible in experiments, but its consequences are. This experimental impossibility of measuring aromaticity has opened the door to many controversial issues and discussions around it. Thus, it is not surprising to find many attempts to define this term depending on the grounds of different approaches. So, assigning an unequivocal and absolute meaning to aromaticity is risky. In view of these problems of subjectivity, it is remarkable that this concept is still useful to rationalize and understand the structure and reactivity of many molecular entities. In this meeting, experts (theorists and experimentalists) in this field will discuss all aspects of aromaticity, in order to provide the basis for an updated and more comprehensive IUPAC definition of this concept. 


On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the Aromaticity 2018 meeting, we have the pleasure to invite theoretical and computational chemists interested in the field to be held in Riviera Maya, Mexico, on November 28-December 1, 2018


The venue will be Hotel Barceló Maya Palace Deluxe, which is located in one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mayan Riviera, in the Mexican Caribbean. We are certain that the academic program and the attractive location will make Aromaticity 2018  an unforgettable event.


Looking forward to seeing you all there!


Gabriel Merino, Miquel Solà and Henrik Ottosson


Aromaticity 2018

Group Photo


"I enjoyed the beautiful and rich aromatic chemistry at the joyful site. Another enjoyable part was the round-table session, where I could intimately discuss with theoreticians. Through this session, I learned and understood my part of “stakeholder” on aromaticity, which was indispensable and important experience for me. I hope that you may successfully re-define the term, “aromaticity”, which should be a difficult yet very important task."

Hiroyuki Isobe


"The conference was very well organized and stimulating for me. In particular, the last discussion reminds me of the importance of how to consider the scientific research philosophically."

Masaichi Saito

"I am grateful for everything the wonderful organizers have done to make this meeting so special."

Jonathan Sessler


"Thank you very much for organizing such a wonderful conference and I thoroughly enjoyed the meeting, location and the science!"

Yunlong Zhang


"…..Y mis felicitaciones por la organización del congreso que a mi modo de ver ha sido muy interesante."

Fernando Langa de la Fuente

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